Orphans: Psychological Condition and Prevention

Miss Ushajyoti Gupta

Orphans: Psychological Condition and Prevention

Keywords : orphans, psychological conditions, prevention


This research paper is a basically review research paper focused on psychological condition and prevention of orphan child. The future of a country depends on the mental health and strength of young people. Study shows that at least one in five children and adolescents have a mental health disorder and at least one in ten have serious emotional disturbance. Orphans exist in every age and in all civilizations. According to the joint report of UNICEF, Development (2002), about 1.7 billion children are orphans worldwide. Out of this number, Asia contributes 6.5% orphans and Africa leads with 11.9% orphans. China have about 573,000 orphans below 28 years old (Orphan report), and an estimated 650,000 children are in Russian orphanages. A child who is below 18 years of age and who has lost one or both parents may be defined as an orphan. Maternal orphan is referred to a child who has lost their mother and paternal orphan is referred to a child who has lost their father. Social orphans are children who are living without parents because of abandonment or because their parents gave them up as a result of poverty, alcoholism or imprisonment.


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