Application of Conjoint Analysis to Customers’ Preference of Soap

Sulaimon Mutiu O

Application of Conjoint Analysis to Customers’ Preference of Soap

  • Author Sulaimon Mutiu O
  • Co-Author Adewunmi Olusola A, Oyefusi Olutayo A, Ajasa Adekunle O, Ajayi Oluwatoyin
  • DOI
Keywords : Analysis, Application, Conjoint, Customer, Preference, Soap


This study determines customers’ preference at the introduction of new toilet soap into the Lagos market. In doing this, the study models a toilet soap preference by consumers in Lagos State, Nigeria based on five factors - Soap Name, Soap Weight, Price Package, Package Design, and Antiseptic. There are three factor levels for Soap Name (Basel, Zenith, and Mosko); two Soap Weights (70g and 150g); three Price Package levels (N100, N200, and N250); three Package Design type (A*, B*, and C*); and two levels (either No or Yes) for Antiseptic factor. Sixteen (16) cases were generated for the orthogonal design, with three (3) holdout cases and two (2) simulation cases. The Conjoint questionnaire contains nineteen (19) product profiles (16 orthogonal cases and 3 holdout cases). Four-hundred and twenty (420) randomly selected subjects (soap users) were used for the rating of the product profiles. Conjoint analysis was thereafter run on the rated product profiles using Conjoint command syntax which was written to suit the project at hand. Analyses were done using frequency, chart and Conjoint method of analysis. From the Conjoint analysis, parameters such as Utilities Scores, Importance Values, Coefficients, Correlations, Number of Reversals, Reversal Summary, Preference Scores of Simulation, and Preference Probabilities of Simulations. From the analysis, it can be concluded that across the four-hundred and twenty subjects for this study, and average customer would most prefer a soap named Mosko, weighing 70g with package design A*, no antiseptic ingredient, and costs N250. Package design is of more importance when marketing a toilet soap followed by the soap name. Soap price and weight should take a considerable priority while the inclusion of antiseptic ingredient should take the least priority. It is however recommended that the inclusion or non-inclusion of antiseptic ingredients to the production of toilet soap should be of lesser importance as most customers seem to have little or no taste for that.


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