Triple Talaq: Unconstitutional and Arbitrary

Yashveer singh

Triple Talaq: Unconstitutional and Arbitrary

Keywords : Arbitrary, Triple Talaq, Unconstitutional and Muslim Women


This paper focuses on the details of Triple Talaq and Triple Talaq bill [2]. It deals with the Islamic rules which regulate the masses. It deals the types of divorce among the Muslims and also that how triple talaq is a valid or not and justified or not as a method of divorce which is in practice. The paper attempts to analyze the rules and the genuineness of the law. It deals whether there is equality among people and about the Muslim personal laws as well. The research also includes the demerits of the Triple Talaq. In this paper the focus is on the topic of triple talaq which is a controversial issue at present. It also includes the position of women among the Muslim category as they face a double discrimination, firstly on the basis of being a girl and secondly on the fact that she is born as a Muslim girl. It includes certain case laws based on triple talaq. The research methodology of the paper is basically descriptive and analytical.


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