Cultural Impact of Globalization on Kashmiri Youth: A Sociological Analysis

Showkat Ahmad Dar

Cultural Impact of Globalization on Kashmiri Youth: A Sociological Analysis

Keywords : culture, globalization, homogenization, interconnected, Kashmir, youth


The term globalization has been widely used since late twentieth century and it has many dimensions viz; economic, political, technical, environmental, and cultural. Schein (2003) defined culture as, “a set of basic solutions – shared solutions to universal problems of external adaptation (how to survive) and internal integration (how to stay together) – which have evolved over time and are handed down from one generation to the next”. Globalization is an increased, quantitatively and qualitatively, numbers of global flows improves or deteriorate people’s everyday lives. Anthropologist Arjun Appadurai (1996) argues that “individuals and groups seek to annex the global into their own practices of the modern”. In its basic sense, globalization refers to the adoption of open and unfettered trading markets (through lowering the trade barriers, removal of capital controls and liberalization of foreign exchange restrictions). According to Martin Albrow (1992), globalization is a process to bring all the human beings of the world in a comprehensive community. Thus it can be said there are many types of globalizations such as; as economic globalization, political globalization, cultural globalization, etc., although they are all interconnected and interrelated. However, it is cultural globalization that is the main field of interest here. The common characteristic of the globalized culture is that it pursues the same “one size fits all” idea. The result of this cultural process of homogenization is that a large section of the world's population dreams of living like Cosby & Co or like the characters in any other stereotype American soap opera. Traditional values have been overtaken by Coca Cola culture. The Michael Jackson style of music and culture is taking over and we don't have the values to cope with it.
The present study investigates the cultural impact of globalization on Kashmiri youth. The main objectives of the study will be: To find out the background characteristic of the respondent; To study the impacts of globalization on cultural identity crisis among youth; To study the cultural impact of globalization on youth of Kashmir.


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