A Study on Employees’ Opinion on Effectiveness of Training at Tuk Tuk Exports Manufacturers & Exporters of Textile Garments, Chennai.

S. John Kaviarasu

A Study on Employees’ Opinion on Effectiveness of Training at Tuk Tuk Exports Manufacturers & Exporters of Textile Garments, Chennai.

Keywords : Effectiveness, Training Programmes, Personality, Technical Skills, Stakeholders, Functional Capabilities


Introduction and Objective: The project titled “A Study on the employees’ opinion on effectiveness of training programmes” was conducted at Tuk Tuk Exports Manufacturing Company in Ambathur. The main objectives of study are to study the employee’s opinion about training programs, its impact and finally explore the satisfaction among the respondents towards the training programmes in the organization.

Methods and Materials: The employees who have attended the training programme in the year 2013 – 2014 at Tuk Tuk Exports manufacturing were included as respondents for the study. The researcher adopted a descriptive design. Primary data was collected from 50 respondents through simple random sampling by applying lottery method. Self-developed questionnaire was used by the researcher to collect the necessary information from the respondents. The collected data was analyzed and interpreted through table and diagrams.

Results: Majority of the employees indicated the need for continuous and regular training and believed that such programmes enhanced not only their personality but also their technical skills. The respondents had an overall satisfaction towards job performance and attributed this towards the trainings they had undergone in the organization. There was also a positive opinion on work environment and team work in the organization.

Suggestions: Some of the suggestions that emerged from study include provision of conducive and comfortable environments of training to enhance the involvement of the participants. Personal interest and involvement on the part of the employees induce acquisition of the right kind of knowledge through training. Inclusion of more fun based activity during the trainings to keep the employees free from stress at work.

Conclusion Training is an expensive process both for the management and the employees as they spend their time energy and other resources. Hence all stakeholders must add value to their functional capabilities by utilizing it to the fullest extent possible acquired by all parties involved. As an outcome of the study the researcher also placed few suggestions which included provision of conducive comfortable environment for training, committed involvement of participants, individual attention to trainees by the trainee and including from based learning during training session.


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