Overview of Face Recognition and Security Using Mobile Phones

Anandhi Giri

Overview of Face Recognition and Security Using Mobile Phones

Keywords : face recognition, 2G networks, 3G networks, mobile phone handsets, Deep network Face recognition, Illumination change, Insufficient training data


counteract the gradual decrease in voice revenue. To achieve this, new data services need to be increased through mobile phone handsets and wireless devices. Increasing capabilities of mobile phone handsets implies that new computing data applications can be implemented. Face recognition is attracting much attention in network multimedia information access. Areas such as network security, content indexing and retrieval, and video compression will benefit from face recognition technology because ’people’ are the center of attention in lot of video. Network access control via face recognition not only makes stealing of passwords by hacking virtually impossible, but also increases user-friendliness in human-computer interaction. We are studying the existing face recognition algorithms, their strengths and weaknesses including recognition rate. Mobile devices are becoming more similar to personal computers, hence they are also becoming repositories for sensitive information. In this context a more powerful authentication mechanism than simple passwords becomes essential. The paper describes an overview of face recognition approach for mobile devices, discusses important issues related to the practical implementation of the authentication scheme.


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