Review Paper on ‘To Detect Sybil Attack in MANET’

Navdeep Lata

Review Paper on ‘To Detect Sybil Attack in MANET’

Keywords : Mobile Adhoc Network, RSS: Received Signal Strength, Sybil Attack, Threshold, UB: upper bound.


MANET is infrastructure less and independent network which consists various nodes.These nodes uses wireless links to communicate with each other.The infrastructure less nature of MANET makes vulnerable to various attacks. Sybil attack is one of the attacks which cause many serious effects to the network. In Sybil attack, attackers or malicious nodes uses many identities or IP addresses to gain control over the network. It creates lots of misconception among nodes present in the network. In this paper the aim is to present practical evaluation of efficient method for detecting Lightweight Sybil attack. This kind of attack results the major information loss and hence misinterpretation in the network. There are many methods previously presented by different researchers with aim to mitigate Sybil attack with having their own advantages and disadvantages. The technique which i am using is not required any additional resources such as third party and any other hardware. The method which i am using is based on RSS (Received Signal Strength) to detect Sybil attack. This method uses RSS in order to distinguish the legitimate identity and Sybil identity. The practical analysis of this work is done by using Network Simulator (NS2). I will use CBDS approach to detect Sybil attack and comparing the results with the RSS method.


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