‘’विविध धर्म आणि त्यांचे स्वरूप’’

Keywords : Religion, Principles, Christianity, Buddhism


There are seven major religions in the world today and Christianity is the number one and fastest growing religion. Although the principles and doctrines of each religion are different, only good things are taught in each religion. The word dharma is derived from the root dhru, which means 'to hold', which means to follow the thoughts or principles of a particular person, and the word dharma is derived from the Latin word 'religio'. It means 'to be bound by duty, to be bound, to be close to ideological principles.' As a writer, I would define religion as, “Religion is the truth that binds man to God.” 4 Although the principles of religion in modern times are not the same in different religions, the basis of religion is based on truth. Only its appearance can be different. The principles or values of any religion are the basic tenets of that religion.


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