Factors Influence On Customer Satisfactions and E- Banking Services

Rambabu Lavuri

Factors Influence On Customer Satisfactions and E- Banking Services

Keywords : Customer loyalty, customer perceived value, CRM, Customer satisfaction, service quality


The major purpose of this research paper is to study factors that may influence customer satisfaction in E-banking services, and also it evaluates major factors like service quality, customer loyalty, customer perceived value and CRM affecting on customers satisfaction towards e-banking service. Moreover, the paper also aims to understand the correlation between respected factors towards customer satisfaction. For that a structure questionnaire was used to measure the consumer satisfaction, with sample size 427 respondents and tested via descriptive statistics, percentages ANOVAs, Correlations and Multiple regressions. For conducting customer’s survey likert scale based questionnaire was developed. Collecting data was analysed using principle component using SPSS 20.0. The results of the correlation study showed that there is a strong correlation between CRM and Customer Value and between Customer Loyalty and Customer satisfaction, and also there is strong impact Customer loyalty and service quality factors of E-banking Services have higher positive evaluation towards Customer satisfaction.


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