Kashmir Insurgency: A Review Paper

Keywords : Insurgency, Secessionism, Proxy War, Accession, Tragedy, Democracy, Secularism


Unrest in Jammu and Kashmir is not a new phenomenon because separatism has always been a popular concept in the state. Since from 1947, there has always been a strong strand of self-determination in Kashmir politics, no doubt balanced by Kashmiri leaders who have come to an agreement with New Delhi. However the discontentment among the Kashmiri Muslims could never be won over or even be accommodated by the ruling people which resulted in the revelation of insurgency and anti-national tendencies.
Right from the inception of the spontaneous eruption of a violent secessionist struggle in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, much ink has been spilled by different diplomats, academicians, scholars and journalists. With the result, a mass of literature has emerged, purporting to explain the genesis of the conflict and insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir. The paper is an analysis of important works which present the problem from different perspectives. The paper analyses the historical, social, economic, political, religious, and cultural factors underlying the insurgent response from Kashmir. This paper attempts to outline the different theories related to insurgency propounded by different psychologists and sociologists.


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