‘’धर्मनिरपेक्षतावाद आणि धर्मप्रचाराचे संविधानिक हक्क’’

Keywords : Religion, Secularism, Freedom, Theology, Religions, Martin Luther, Progress, Christ, Equality, Christianity


What is religion? And what is Christianity in that? To understand secularism, it is necessary to understand it. Although religion is a spiritual term, its form is physical and religion and religious leaders are always ahead for the welfare of society. Religious freedom is to be enjoyed and this right is open and universal to all religions. The Indian Constitution is paramount in every Indian citizen. The Indian citizen is subject to the Constitution and works for the progress of the country. Martin Luther protested for the betterment of spirituality. But it gave a new direction to the world awareness and reform movement to the common man and through these reforms, secularism was built in modern times.


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