Health, Sanitation and Security in Homestay of Nepal

Tul Bahadur Saud

Health, Sanitation and Security in Homestay of Nepal

Keywords : Health, Homestay, Nepal, Sanitation, Security


Homestay is one key stakeholders of tourism industry which has been promoting the rural tourism and improving the livelihood of remote areas by creating employment for local people. Nepal government has developed the ‘Home Stay Operation Procedures-2067 B.S’ which had to be followed by the Homestay operators. Healthy environment, proper sanitation and security should be maintained by Homestay so the objective of this study was to identify the health, sanitation and security in Homestay of Nepal. The data was collected from the 348 homestay of nine districts. The result shows that more than 90% Homestay had managed the healthy environment, proper sanitation and peace and security in Homestay. The further researcher should study about the economic contribution of Homestay.


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