Development issue of waterway transportation

Huu Cuong Le

Development issue of waterway transportation

Keywords : ship fleet, domestic transportation, policy solution, transportation capacity


Vietnam has a long coastline, intermittent river network, not a large investment, low waterway transport costs but very high efficiency with taking advantage of natural exploitation, it is not developing. Road traffic is a major investment, with high costs being the main form of transporting passengers and goods. Road transportation in recent years has many strengths. But besides that, it also revealed many weaknesses such as traffic accidents, high logistics costs ... In fact, logistics costs in Vietnam account for nearly 21% of total GDP, higher than most countries in the Association. Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN), affecting the competitiveness of exports and increasing costs for manufacturers and consumers. Therefore, in the current period, it is necessary to change the main mode of road transport by inland waterway. Currently, the domestic transport industry has a huge imbalance between road transport and inland waterway transport. Over the past years, Vietnam's road traffic has grown fast and is hot. That increases the situation of traffic accidents (156 times higher than inland waterways), high logistics transport costs, impacts on the environment, causing greenhouse effect 3.4 times higher than inland waterways.


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