Marine pollution issue: Cause and solutions

Thi Minh Hao Dong

Marine pollution issue: Cause and solutions

Keywords : marine environment, shipping, maritime


The country of Vietnam has a coastline stretching over 3,260km, and more than 3,000 large and small islands. These are favorable conditions for our country to develop marine economic sectors such as oil and gas, tourism, fisheries, etc. The reality shows that those needs and interests have been depleting gradually. Marine resources and make the marine environment increasingly polluted seriously. The statistics show that every year, about 70% of waste discharged into the sea comes from the mainland when factories, factories, residential areas, hospitals, pesticides but a large amount of this waste has not been treated, through a drainage system that discharges directly into rivers, hundreds of rivers flow into the sea or directly discharged into the sea, carrying large quantities of sediments, plastics, chemicals, metal, oil sludge, even radioactive substances. Another reason is that the sanitation in coastal tourist areas has not been paid attention, the waste has not been collected and treated thoroughly, the people's sense of environmental sanitation is still low, leading to the situation that throw rubbish, leftovers indiscriminately on the sea turning the beach into a huge dumping place of garbage. In addition, pollution of waste from marine activities such as maritime and oil spills from oil and gas exploration activities. Ship accidents, irrational fishing and aquaculture also have a significant impact on the marine environment. According to scientists, the quality of the marine environment and coastal areas in Vietnam is continuing to decline.


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