Pollution from transportation means: Impacts and solutions

Vu Minh Thai

Pollution from transportation means: Impacts and solutions

Keywords : air pollution, climate change, transportation means


According to the 2016 National Environmental Status Report, the sources of air pollution in urban areas indicated in this report mainly include transportation, construction activities, and urban enterprises, residential activities, waste treatment and sources of pollution from suburban areas are considered as the main causes making the air environment in urban areas becoming increasingly painful. Of the total emissions that pollute the urban air environment, emissions from motorized road vehicles take the leading position. Among the types of transport vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds account for the largest proportion and are also the largest source of pollutant emissions. Explaining the root cause of the problem, according to experts, motor vehicles use gasoline and diesel as fuel, the process of leakage, evaporation and burning of fuel also leads to many types. toxic gases such as VOC, Benzene, Toluen. The emission of motorized road vehicles is shown to depend heavily on the quality of vehicles, fuel, speed, driver, congestion and roads. Cars and motorbikes in Vietnam include many types that have been used for many years and are not regularly maintained, low fuel efficiency, high levels of toxic substances and dust in emissions. Motorbikes are still a major contributor of polluting gases, especially for emissions such as CO and VOC. Meanwhile, trucks and passenger cars emit a lot of NO2, SO2.


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