Safety issue in maritime industry

Minh Thai Vu

Safety issue in maritime industry

Keywords : safety issue, waterway traffic


Being aware of the fact that Vietnamese ships operate domestic routes and VR-SB means, the main objects may cause accidents due to crew's weakness, lack of maritime equipment, from January 1. / 9 to October 1, 2018, the Vietnam Maritime Administration has launched the Maritime Safety Month in 2018, focusing on strengthening inspection for Vietnamese ships operating domestic routes and VR-SB vehicles, delivering The present defect requires crew members and ship owners to overcome all defects before the ship left port. The Vietnam Maritime Administration also continues to implement solutions to ensure maritime safety on the existing port infrastructure to allow large ships to reduce the load on Vietnam's ports. The Vietnam Maritime Administration has also cooperated with the Steering Committee on terrorism prevention and combat of the Ministry of Transport and the Department of Homeland Security of the Ministry of Public Security to inspect the work of ensuring security and preventing terrorism at a number of seaports nationwide. ; Collaborate with the US Embassy in Vietnam and the US Coast Guard to conduct port security inspections at some seaports in Hai Phong and Vung Tau; Directing affiliated units to coordinate with relevant agencies and units to strengthen patrols and control in the area of management units, heightening vigilance to objects outside collusion and linkage gangrene; To take initiative in preventing, stopping and extinguishing from the outset manifestations of maritime security.


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