Compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel for bus in Vietnam

Danh Chan Nguyen

Compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel for bus in Vietnam

Keywords : compressed natural gas, environmental protection, bus, EHRO standard


In recent years, climate change has had a negative impact on many countries around the world, including Vietnam. In that regard, the environmental control in transportation activities has received special attention from all levels and sectors. City Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang were prioritized by the Prime Minister for pilot application of clean fuel NPG and CNG in public passenger and bus transport. After investing in piloting the first 30 buses of the city meeting EURO 4 emission standards in 2017, Vietnam continues to invest in many buses using CNG clean fuel. This will contribute to the development and improvement of the quality of the city bus network. The pilot bus using clean fuel CNG is a breakthrough in the city's passenger transport activities, in accordance with the Government's guidelines, using clean fuels in transport activities should continue to be replicated. To reduce environmental pollution. Buses using clean fuel CNG meet EURO 5 emissions standards, becoming one of the solutions to realize the dream of a green, safe, civilized city. The outstanding advantage of CNG buses is to reduce environmental pollution and save 30% of fuel compared to diesel buses. Using CNG helps to reduce up to 20% of carbon dioxide, 30% of nitrous oxide, 70% of sulfur oxides compared to fuels from oil and reduce up to 50% of hydrocarbon emissions compared to gasoline engines.


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