Feedback effect of root exudates in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) seedlings

Rathod Balaji Ulhas

Feedback effect of root exudates in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) seedlings

Keywords : Root exudates, Silica sand, Feedback effect, NDVI


The feedback effect of root exudates on plant growth and development was observed by measuring several growth parameters like plant height, root length, fresh weight, dry weight, SPAD meter and NDVI. All the growth parameter were observed between two set of plants ,one with regular interval of root exudates collection and another one with root exudates not collected regular interval. The result of NDVI, plant height, root length , fresh weight, shoot dry weight , root dry weight showed that statistically at 1% level of significance, there was no significant difference between collected and not collected plants .Since the measurement SPAD chlorophyll meter readings, the results showed that there was no much influence of chrophyll content. These results revealed that root exudates released into soil for many other purposes, plants can re-absorb released nutrients (recycling nutrients) in a nutrient deficit situation. This phenomenon has not reported in literature so far, thus, it is novel information and needed to further investigation. It is apparent that exudates recycling effect is an inherent property of roots, similar to absorption nutrients from the soil. Roots absorb nutrients irrespective of its source (its own or external supplied).


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