‘’ख्रिस्ती साहित्य आणि पवित्र आत्मा’’

Keywords : Holy Spirit, God, Spirit, Christian, Literature, Sin, Knowledge, Qualities, Soul, Righteousness


"Every word in the literature is based on the promise of God."
The foundation of Christian literature is Scripture, but so is the Holy Spirit. A Christian who is filled with the Holy Spirit is a person who is completely under the Holy Spirit. Smell comes. I wonder when someone says that the Holy Spirit is abundant. Knowledge of the Word is weak, how is that possible? Because the Spirit of God is full of seven qualities, that is, he is perfect in God. The writer of Christian literature is always a God-fearing person and that is why his writings contain many warning words. There are many commentaries that condemn sin. Because he writes literature which improves the reader and makes him aware of the truth. Should be. Dedicated to.


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