Alternative eco-friendly dyeing medium for textile processes

Rebecca S. Andrade

Alternative eco-friendly dyeing medium for textile processes

Keywords : Protic ionic liquids, dyeing, tensile strength test, ecofriendly process, cotton


This paper contains the results of a new experimental study of dyeing cotton fabrics using a sustainable process with protic ionic liquids (PIL´s) as dyeing medium. Our work was focused on the effects of time and temperature of the proposed dyeing process and on the chemical structure of the PIL’s used as ionic medium. The dyeing quality, expressed by its K/S value, was measured by means spectral analysis of cotton fabrics dyed by Yellow Sidercron reactive dye. With the aim of analyzing the quality of the dyeing ionic process for cotton textile industry at different operation conditions in terms of mechanical characteristics, a tensile strength test of the dyed fibers was made. The obtained experimental data prove the efficiency of PIL´s as dyeing vectors for reactive colorants and cotton fibers.


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