The matter of human resource in maritime economic development

Thi Hoa Nguyen

The matter of human resource in maritime economic development

Keywords : human source, maritime economy, economic development


Shipping is the first global industry that existed very early before the "globalization" became fashionable in other industries. The special feature of this transport industry is that its "assets" always float across the five continents. Together with the ship and the cargo being the means and products of the transport, the crew and their organization aboard act as the personnel apparatus of a complete company / enterprise of which the Captain is a Manager. But unlike all land activities, the property and people of this "ship enterprise" are always challenged by the risk threats of natural and universal change and the existing security threats. All over the sea. There people, no matter how modern the technical equipment on board, must be ready to respond, ready to fight the storms and waves, with aggressive pirates, alone in the vast ocean, to survive and to protect your "little factory seesaw". The ship is equipped with the most modern means of automation, electrification, information technology, especially advanced navigation equipment. Crew members must learn and constantly update new knowledge, new equipment. The ship and its crew also had to carry out a reluctant duty, being a mobile goodwill ambassador when it carried the flag of the country stopping at strange shores, language of dissent, to connect and deliver. Love and friendship with many different countries. Seafaring is a unique economic activity, so the training of seafarers is also much different from the training of human resources serving on land. The worldwide shipping industry is taking a load of 90% of all goods across the globe to carry out trade missions between countries. What is a sea country Vietnam has done and will have to continue to do to divide the better and better of that large piece of bread. Strategic planners have stated a lot of work to be done. Whoever can answer smoothly, the biggest of the top things to do is to develop human resources, first of all the training and development of seafarers.


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