Overcoming the consequence from oil spill incident

Huu Cuong Le

Overcoming the consequence from oil spill incident

Keywords : oil spill, oil slick, fast response


Oil spills can originate from a variety of sources such as tankers, oil exploration and storage facilities. Oil spills from tankers are usually caused by cracks, leaks in the hull or collision. Serious oil spills, such as the 2006 Lebanon coast or the 2002 Prestige accident off the Spanish coast, can be a serious threat to marine, aquatic and marine ecosystems. Oil spills often happen to attract the public's attention, but such incidents actually account for only a very small part of the total amount of oil pollution. According to a 2003 National Research Council report (NRC), Oil in the Sea III: Inputs, Fates, and Effects Oil enters the sea due to human activity; In North America this rate is nearly 85%. Most of the oil flowing into the ocean is related to its use on land, especially from the shipping industry - a prime example of a diffuse pollution source.


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