Development of seaports with the international orientation

Thi Nguyet Do

Development of seaports with the international orientation

Keywords : international trade, cooperation, seaport operation


Vietnam has a sea area of over 1.0 million km2, 3 times the land area; the coast is 3,260km long with many peninsulas, bays and bays full of waves, large natural depth, and the language on the most bustling maritime route in the world. From the advantages of the sea, the seaport has come out. Inevitable and inextricably linked with all production activities, people's life and the history of conquering the sea, preserving the boundaries of his father. Also from the advantage of the sea, the economy of port operation, shipping has been formed and increasingly important especially for the development of the marine economy and the process of international integration of the country. Vietnam's seaport has been invested in construction and operation for more than 1.5 centuries, but has undergone a long period of war in the country and overcoming the consequences after the war, in general, including infrastructure. Port investment is very limited, mainly serving wartime and poor subsidized economy. The port infrastructure has only been really systematic in the past two decades. During this period, the port was interested in investing and confirmed the important role of transport infrastructure, essential economic infrastructure to accelerate the country's economic development in the open period.


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