Causes and suggested solutions for reduction of traffic jams and congestion

Thi Thuy Hoa Phan

Causes and suggested solutions for reduction of traffic jams and congestion

Keywords : Traffic jams, solution, congestion


According to statistics, the growth rate of cars in Vietnam is now 16%, while the speed of transport infrastructure development is 0.25%. According to the traffic management scheme for Hanoi streets in 2015, the total number of cars and motorbikes on the road is about 80% of the street area. With the above growth rate of cars, this number will be 100%. Experts have evaluated that the density of transport networks in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is only 8%, while the demand is 20-25%. By surveying some main traffic points at the gateway to Hanoi in July 2016 TDSI (Transportation Development and Strategy Institute), the proportion of car cars accounted for 14.38% of the number but accounted for 42.18% of the area Road surface occupancy of motorcycles is 43.62%, the rest are buses and other vehicles. Thus, individual vehicles (cars and motorbikes) occupy 85.8% of the surface area. Meanwhile, the urban road system is overloaded, not meeting the growth rate of individual vehicles. Experts estimate that if 60% of Hanoi's vehicles (50% registered in Hanoi, 10% of haunt traffic) in urban areas at 20km/h of speed would occupy 236%. If to develop naturally, the cities will seriously congestion with the area occupied by vehicles more than 3 times. By 2025, the road occupied area of individual vehicles will exceed the road capacity of 7.58 times, in 2030 more than 10.56 times, that means all traffic means cannot move. In general, the rate of motorized means of transport in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is over 70%, higher than other cities in the world such as Paris (2008) 32%, New York (2010) 33%, Berlin (2010) 32%, Tokyo (2009) is 12%, Shanghai (2011) is 20%. According to JICA study, with the increasing speed of private means, if not improving transport infrastructure and applying uniform solutions, by 2020, most of the roads in major cities of Vietnam are overloaded.


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