‘’सत्यावर आधारलेले ख्रिस्ती साहित्य म्हणजे काय?’’

Keywords : Christian, Bible, Literature, Scripture, Holy, Writing, God, Truth


The importance of the Christian literature, the truthfulness, the basis of the scripture and the holy spirit. Aslyamule te lihit asatana purnepene, objective and objective, aslech paheje. pan tyajrobar te satyavar aadharle paheje. *"The sky and the earth are not affected, till then all the meetings are complete, Jhalyavachun Niyamshastratil one letter but one Timb is not seen, it is not honar." (Jn. 17:16). The Christian literature is asech ahe. And tiamulech Scripture is seen from a physical point of view. *"Tujha word hach truth ahe."* tyamule christian literature lihit astana te purnapane truth asle paheje tevhach tyache importance tikoon raheel.
Truth, oh god, words come. Aan ya vachanancha basevar or agnevar my life ahe tar te khakhya christi jivanache symptoms. Because of which koni christacha tha hai mahanje tarlela ah. So navi utpatti ah. Meaningful words ahe christamadhe june te houn gele sarva nave jhalle. Ah. Aan to nehemi scripture and holy self-realization guidance, khali aaple jeevan jagat asato.ani or satyam jeevanatunch kahi lokana writing kahi lokana writing karanyachi inspiration mitte ji samprpanane satyavar avalamban asate. tyamule khanya christi lokani literature writing should be done. Tumche khrepanach base bannaar khristi literature.


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