Pollution issues for domestic waterway transportation in Vietnam

Truong Thanh Hai

Pollution issues for domestic waterway transportation in Vietnam

Keywords : waterway transportation, air pollution, domestic transport


Currently, the sources of marine pollution in marine, fisheries, tourism, oil and gas ... related to the use of marine resources are diverse and complex. These are sources of pollution caused by oil (from oil used as fuel, lubricant, hydraulic for ships, to cargo oil transported by ships); liquid chemicals on board; dangerous goods (explosives, radioactive substances, inflammables, poisons ...) transported by ship; trash; wastewater; antifouling paint used for hull; toxic materials used for shipbuilding (asbestos, heavy metals, chemicals); pollution due to the movement of aquatic species through ballast water; infectious diseases spread through maritime routes; demolition of old ships, oil exploration and exploitation at sea. The operation of ships (including fishing vessels and cargo ships) is one of the artificial sources that contribute significantly to air pollution. The quality of Vietnamese vessels is often not high, many vehicles are too old, outdated, fuel combustion efficiency is low and no exhaust gas treatment system has emitted many toxic gases such as SO2, CO2, CO, NO2, CxHy. Currently, Vietnam has more than 1,700 transport ships, along with the number of fishing vessels of nearly 130 thousand ships, corresponding to the amount of fuel consumed about 4 million tons/year. It can be said that this is the source of pollution for the seas, coastal areas and many places, seriously affecting the marine ecosystem, destroying marine resources, endangering human health.


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