The issue of domestic transportation for Vietnamese waterway

Hai Nam Vu

The issue of domestic transportation for Vietnamese waterway

Keywords : domestic waterway, transportation, logistic, developing orientation


Inland waterway transport is one of 5 modes of transport in our country which plays a very important role. Inland waterway transport not only plays a role of transshipment of large quantities of goods and passengers but also creates millions of jobs, contributing to ensuring social security and protecting national defense and security. There are still many shortcomings in our water transport such as: There is still a situation where the water transport routes are not uniform; the phenomenon of exploiting natural resources in the river bed is not in accordance with the planning or technological process (mining sand and gravel ...) often occurs widely in almost all rivers and canals across the country; signaling system is not synchronized between the signal of inland waterway management unit and the signal of the owner; cargo handling and management of inland ports and wharves are still inadequate; The rapid development of the means of transport is uneven but only concentrated in some urban and industrial areas. With a trade / GDP ratio of about 200%, Vietnam's demand for efficient logistics systems is huge. As reported by the World Bank (World Bank), in the transport sector, freight transport by road and inland waterways are two areas that transport up to 90% of the total circulation of goods and services in Vietnam. However, road transport is proving to be overwhelming. Data on the fleet capacity in 2018 shows that inland waterway transport accounts for only about 17% of the national freight share, while the proportion of road transport is about 77% and the river transport is 5%.


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