Formation and Development of Shipping Industry in Vietnam

Do Thi Nguyet

Formation and Development of Shipping Industry in Vietnam

Keywords : development, Vietnamese shipping, maritime plan


Vietnam fleet has made significant improvements, developing towards specialization, meeting the demand of domestic goods transportation. In addition, the age of the Vietnam fleet also gradually "rejuvenated" strongly reached 14.7 years, down 0.2 years compared to 2017 and 6.1 years younger than the world (according to data from the United Nations Trade and Development Forum (UNCTAD), the world average age of ships is 20.8 years). In particular, the ship with the youngest average age is a 14.2-year-old general cargo ship, the highest age vessel is 22.9-year-old liquefied gas vessel, 16.3-year-old container ship, and chemical oil tanker 16.4 years old. In addition, the number of ship owners in Vietnam also increased significantly, there are about 600 ship owners, of which about 60-70 ship owners have a fleet of over 14,000 tons or more, the rest are private ship owners. Most people own only 1 or 2 ships. This shows that shipping is being invested and cared by many units and businesses. However, it must be acknowledged that the Vietnamese fleet is not strong enough to meet domestic transport demand and transporting feeder goods in some countries in the region. Import and export cargo section.


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