Oil spill in maritime field: An urgent problem in Vietnam

Manh Hung Nguyen

Oil spill in maritime field: An urgent problem in Vietnam

Keywords : oil spill, recovery, marine environment


According to the statistics of the International Association of Oil Tankers, of the 39 listed countries, Vietnam is one of the three countries (along with China and the United States) that have the highest number of oil spills with the number of 10 incidents or more, from 2005 to 2014. Facing the situation of oil spill incidents in Vietnam in recent years, especially oil spill incidents at sea According to statistics, from 1992 to now, there have been 190 oil spills in Vietnam, of which 37 offshore cases accounted for 19%, 88 coastal cases accounted for 47% and 65 onshore cases accounted for 34%. Coastal oil spills occur the most (47%) due to the higher risk in this area, the density of large vessels, the risk of ship collision, or ship collision into the wharf. Shallow much higher than at sea. Land spills account for 34% is not a small number. Especially the oil spill occurred at sea ”is not necessarily correct, because in terms of the number of oil spills occurred at sea only accounted for 19%. In recent years, we also see oil spill on the coast of many provinces in the Central and the South.


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