MATLAB/Simulink Simulation of Renewable Energy Distribution System Using MPPT

Azeez N.A

MATLAB/Simulink Simulation of Renewable Energy Distribution System Using MPPT

  • Author Azeez N.A
  • Co-Author Oyelami S, Oyajide. D.O, A, Lawal, A, Omotayo M
  • DOI
Keywords : Renewable energy, wind energy, solar energy


In general, conventional energy sources are not easily refilled and are therefore are naturally exhaustive. That means that they are gathering finite resources that would eventually decrease. As a consequence, energy supplies would be scarce if we rely entirely on these non-renewable sources of energy. Renewable energies, commonly referred to as non-conventional energy sources such as wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and solar, are non-exhaustible and can be replenished. Their only drawback, along with its high installation and maintenance costs, are their intermittent nature. It is always very important to note that the final product requirements are noticed with regard to the constant development of energy systems, and that this paper is therefore focusing on renewable energy storage systems. In essence two renewable sources of energy are being incorporated, namely solar and wind, which lead to battery as the power source being used in an unpredictable manner. The energy is supplied as a backup source at intervals from the two renewable sources. For maximum power output, MPPT is used. The environmental benefits of these energy resources are widely understood and widely recognized. The monotonous long-term availability challenges regarding the restriction of the location of finite fuels have no significant impact on renewable energy resources; however, they involve different problems such as their interdependence on non-consistent flowing resources.


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