Management of Public Relations in Hospitals

Dr. Humera Khan

Management of Public Relations in Hospitals

Keywords : Public Relations Officer, health facilities, communication, Public Relationship Channels


Quantitative measurement of good public relations of a hospital is not possible. It can be analysed on the basis of general impressions of that hospital. In present scenario health care market is competitive and consumers have innumerable options to choose from various health care establishments. The image of a hospital on the public may be positive or negative and is dependent on several factors such as quality of services, cost of care, cleanliness, attitude of hospital staff, presence of better technology, presence of specialist physicians, prior pleasant experience with the hospital personnel, etc. The creation of good impression is a consequence of a systematic, deliberately planned and conscious effort of the brand builders. It is not a result of chance alone. The cumulative efforts of the public relations department and the staff of the hospital promote acceptance, understanding and appreciation of the hospital by the community at large. Hospital policies and personnel activities must dovetail to patient satisfaction. This is the only way to ensure retention of patient’s patronage.


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