Consumer Sentiments on Sustainability of the Fashion Industry: A Survey

Tanya Chugh

Consumer Sentiments on Sustainability of the Fashion Industry: A Survey

Keywords : Fast fashion, Sustainability, Research, Customer Sentiments, Slow Fashion


The fashion industry is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise dedicated to manufacturing, designing and selling clothes. It is a globalized sector that works to satisfy the demand for clothing and determines patterns about what needs to be worn. A heightened realization of the environmental impact of the fashion industry has emerged in recent years, fueled by the surging evidence of increased clothing consumption driven by growing accessibility and affordability of clothing. This change has simultaneously cultivated not just a culture of unnecessary and imprudent consumption of clothing but also an unwary and quicker disposal of it. Over the years, a great deal of evidence has been gathered to show the disastrous impact the industry has made. From small fair trade companies to major fashion industry leaders, there are many new approaches being introduced and help being provided for sustainable fashion. The perception of customers towards sustainable fashion is an essential aspect of resolving the defined problems, which creates the conditions not only for improving consumers' awareness of sustainable fashion also for organizations in the fashion sector to take social responsibility for their activities. This research aims to evaluate the implications of the current buying behavior of customers and their perception towards sustainable fashion.


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