Miraculous Ayurvedic calcium supplement - A Review on KukkutandaTwakaBhasma

Manisha goyal

Miraculous Ayurvedic calcium supplement - A Review on KukkutandaTwakaBhasma

Keywords : kukkutandtwaka, calcium, Sudha varga, kukkutandatwakabhasma


KukkutandTvak (eggshell) is a popular Ayurvedic medicine. It is categorized under Sudha Varga (group of Calcium-containing drugs) in the Rasashastra literature, and it contains Calcium carbonate along with other trace elements including potassium, phosphates, magnesium, calcium, and other minerals KukkutandTwak is a good source of organic calcium, which has a relatively higher bioavailability than other forms of calcium, it is a low-cost calcium source for human consumption. An attempt has been made to compile some of the previous studies of this topic and to provide a better insight about this subject explaining different facets of kukkutand twaka bhasma elaborately. In this study 3 research articles and one thesis and 5 textbooks were referred to collect the details of the subject. There are several procedures of kukkutandatwakabhasmanirmanthat are prescribed by our Acharyas and a variety of bhavana dravyaslike nimbuswarasa, changeriswarasa, ghritkumariswarasa and maranadravya like cinnabaris used to prepare good qualitykukkutandtwakabhasma.Results of SEM-EDX and XRD studies proved that the process of bhavana and marana helps in structural modification of kukkutandatwaka and advocates that calcite form of raw KT changes to hydroxide from after the process of bhavana andmarana. Between the two naturally occurring forms of eggshells white and brown egg shells, brown egg shells were found to contain more calcium than the white eggshells.


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