Autologous Fat Grafting-A Journey towards Ideal Filler

Ashish kumar hadiyal

Autologous Fat Grafting-A Journey towards Ideal Filler

Keywords : fat grafting, autologous fat, ideal filler


Autologous fat grafting is very inexpensive and less morbid option for correcting aesthetic appearance of depressed scar, facial deformity and augmentation of various body parts. Unpredictable and inconsistent results of fat grafting procedure had resulted in declining interest among surgeons. However, popularity of fat grafting procedures has increased nowadays owing to better understanding of fat harvesting and processing techniques.

Materials and methods
A prospective observational study was performed at our institute from January 2017 to December 2020 on total 15 consecutive patients with facial contour deformities and depressed or asymmetric scars who had been underwent autologous fat grafting. After harvesting fat manually, fat cells were separated without centrifugation and injected at recipient sites. Subjective evaluation of patients was done at 1 year by questionnaire and objective evaluation by photographs.

Out of 15 patients on subjective assessment 11 patients were satisfied while 4 patients required reprocedures to satisfy their visible asymmetry. 3 patients were unsatisfied even after reprocedure. Objective assessment yielded a mean score of 7.9 out of 10.

Fat grafting can be considered a very powerful tool to correct asymmetry or deformed scars with depression. Gentle syringe aspiration and use of manual sedimentation have resulted in fairly predictable result. Autologous fat has made its place closest to the ideal filler.


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