Role of information System in Decision Making Process

Er. Hari Bhandari

Role of information System in Decision Making Process

Keywords : Benefits of management information system, decision making, concept, Need for management information system


The role of Management Information Systems (MIS) is defined and analyzed in light of its capability for decision making process. The decision-making process and its impact on top-level management in an educational planning organization are explained with an emphasis on automated decision making. This paper focuses on decision making information system. MIS plays a vital role in not only collecting and managing information but also representing it in various useful formats for the top-level management to make important organizational decisions.
MIS provides faster access to the required information which helps the organization to make effective and timely decisions regarding every aspect such as investments, employment, products, etc. depending upon the organization. Decision-making refers to choosing a certain line of action from among several alternatives Decision-making is a major metric to determine the organizations' success or failure. The effectiveness of the organization depends upon the quality of decisions that informs its operation. This paper focuses on understanding the need, benefits, types of MIS, the MIS model, the decision-making system, and majorly the role of MIS in the decision-making of the organization.


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