Gallery Walk: The Strategy in Improving Mathematics Performance of the SHS in Different Strands of K to 12

Maryann H. Lanuza

Gallery Walk: The Strategy in Improving Mathematics Performance of the SHS in Different Strands of K to 12

Keywords : Gallery Walk, General Mathematics, Academic Strand.


Students’ representations in understanding abstractions in Mathematics help the learners’ long-term retention. An exhibit in the four corners of the classroom through the simple creative artwork, be assigned as the curator of outputs, a listener, and visitor of the exhibit when combined helped the students’ long-term retention and desirable understanding of the applications in Mathematics. This study aimed to determine the profile of senior high school students (SHS) in terms of sex and strand chosen. Also, it identified the level of performance in the pre-test, post-test, formative assessments in operations of functions, and properties of the logarithm. The significant difference between the pre-test and post-test of the students are tested to determine if there is an improvement in the application of the gallery walk. A randomized block pre-test post-test design was used in the 250 SHS of the Morong NHS in determining if a significant difference exists in the performances when grouped according to sex and strand chose where association on these variables were also tested to determine which one is the best factor in reaching the advance proficiency level. Findings uplifted a notable performance gain in learning the subject. After testing the hypotheses, improving performance through gallery walk was received differently by different strands (i.e. Accounting, Business and Management (ABM), Science, Technology and Engineering Mathematics (STEM), and General Academic Strand (GAS)) but equally used according to sex. Also, it was confirmed that the chosen academic strand is a factor of becoming an advanced proficient learner in the General Mathematics course. It can move the field of Mathematics Education forward since this strategy can be used in all disciplines because tested effective. Through consistent encouragement in projecting creative outputs makes learning Mathematics innovative by applying the action plan proposed in this study.


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