Accelerating and sustaining Learning of English via Storytelling

Keywords : storytelling; accelerated learning; sustaining learning; teachers' perspective; students’ motivation


Although storytelling is effective in accelerating and sustaining learning, locally, few studies are done in this regard, so the researchers conducted this study to investigate the role of storytelling in accelerating and sustaining students’ learning of English. To this end, the researchers interviewed 5 teachers of English in Nablus City schools: (3) females and (2) males. They also distributed a 30-item questionnaire among 20 male and female teachers of English in Nablus City schools during the second semester of the scholastic year 2019-2020. Results of the two tools showed that storytelling can accelerate and sustain the learning of English. Based on this result, the researchers recommended using storytelling in schools and including them in the curriculum of English to motivate students to quickly and interestingly learn English.


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