Measurement of Lumbar Lordosis in 3rd Trimester Pregnancy-Pilot Study

M. Premkumar

Measurement of Lumbar Lordosis in 3rd Trimester Pregnancy-Pilot Study

Keywords : Third Trimester, Pregnancy, Lumbar Lordosis


Background: Lumbar Lordosis was measured by an invalidated method which involved assessing the perpendicular distance to the apex of the lumbar lordosis from a straight line connecting the apex of the thoracic kyphosis and the posterior part of the sacrum. The degree of lumbar Lordosis is variable among individuals and is the result of many factors, including the fact that the L5 vertebra is wedge-shaped, with the anterior aspect of the vertebral body being approximately 3 mm higher than the posterior aspect. Aim & objective of the study: To analysis and understand measurement of lumbar Lordosis in 3rd trimester pregnancy. Data Analysis and Results: Data analysis and result of this study shows that there is statistically significant increase in mean value of lumbar lordotic curve in third trimester of pregnant women with mean value of 6.75 in 4 subjects when compared to the normal counterpart 4 female subjects with mean value of 4.5 mm (Table 4.3.1). Conclusion: It is concluded that in third trimester of pregnancy, there shall be statistically significant increased lumbar Lordosis when compared to normal counterpart women.


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