Irrigation Water Management and Soil Conditioners, A. Review

Hani A. Mansour

Irrigation Water Management and Soil Conditioners, A. Review

Keywords : Irrigation Management, Soil Conditioners, ETc, Water productivity, Crop yield


Irrigation water management is very necessary not only to promote the implementation of irrigation scheduling methods, but concurrently to improve system design and performance and to enhance farmers' skills.
Improved use of irrigation water for agricultural, which is crucial in periods of scarcity, has led to a method for determining its distribution, in terms of date and volume, according to the water needs of plants. Maximize the cultivated area during periods of the low environmental demand for evapotranspiration (ET), and / or the period when precipitation is more likely to occur, which may have beneficial effects on water productivity (WP). This can be obtained by the changing of the planting dates in the field, or considering the protected cultivation strategies that would agree to control climate variables and reduce the crop evapotranspiration (ETc).


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