Søren Kierkegaard's Concept of Dread: A Panacea to Nigeria Predicament

Jude Ifeanyi Ebelendu

Søren Kierkegaard's Concept of Dread: A Panacea to Nigeria Predicament

Keywords : Dread; Predicament; Panacea; Crowd; Religious


Effort has been made in this study to examine Soren Kierkegaard’s concept of dread as a panacea to Nigeria predicaments. Kierkegaard’s existentialist thought is theistic. It pictures man as the central being from whom all things exist. Things are because he is. Obviously, Kierkegaard is a subjective and political thinker. Freedom compels man to assume responsibility for his life; that is to take his destiny in his hands. For Kierkegaard, the only solution to political crisis of his time is religion. Thus, he highlighted the importance of religion in solving political crisis. Christianity is not a matter of giving intellectual assent to verbal propositions but is a challenge to live a special kind of life. It is a matter of life-view, not world-view. As such it is real only when it is lived. Part of the numbness of the established church in the face of modernity is that it has allowed the fundamental ethical quality of faith to be dissolved into theory, and has accommodated Christianity to both philosophy and poetry, turning the question as to the truth of existential witness into a debate about opinion. Consequently, this view of life has deeply affected man in his relationship to economy and politics of the present society. This is the case because man in his attempt to amass the material things of the passing existence seems to be oblivious of the temporariness of the present life. As a way of handling this topic adequately well, the researcher employed the analytic philosophical reflection.


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