Psychosocial Depression and Corona virus during COVID-19 Pandemic

Keywords : Covid-19, Farmer, Globalization


Evolvement is time of pandemic globalization in the current global environmental challenge, the effects of which have been seen everywhere and all countries are facing increasingly different changes and losses under the current COVID-19 (2019-nCoV or SARS-CoV-2) pandemic situation. Because of the continuous increase in the incidence of the corona disease, the rural society is affected emotionally and socially. The global positive and negative impact of COVID-19, a deterrent to rural communities, both regionally developed and developing. To cope with the corona epidemic, people need to carefully assess the situation from its various social, healths, economic aspects and evaluate our own capabilities to increase our own effectiveness and sense of inner power. Otherwise, it can be said in the future that a social problem will be created in the rural society. In this study, discusses the general concept of the impact of psychosocial depression among rural society during COVID-19 pandemic.


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