Designing of Coir Mulch Needle Punched Non-Woven Fabric for Agro -Application

T. R. Indumathi

Designing of Coir Mulch Needle Punched Non-Woven Fabric for Agro -Application

Keywords : Mulch sheet, bio degradable, non-woven, moisture retention, natural glues


Agriculture is the most primal occupations of the humans, among others. Textile materials which are used for agriculture is called agro textiles. Mulch is an agro textile material that is a protective layer spread on top of exposed soil surrounding the plants. Mulch is by far the best way to preserve the water resource and soil composites and also helps in maintain the soil temperature.
Moreover plastic mulch sheets and mulch films are used in agricultural field exclusively, which also have some disadvantages in its side, as non-biodegradable, water resistance, etc. As natural fibers like coir, jute, sisal, etc., are also used for the purpose of mulching for its biodegradable nature. In this paper the usage of coir in agricultural field as mulch is experimentally explained.
Coir is having a very high potentiality in agro textile application. Its moisture retention capability and high wet strength has been excellent for its applications. At the end of its usage as mulch in agricultural field, coir with natural glue finish adds organic matters, nutrients, and turned as composite and improves soil fertility. The usage of organic coir mulch sheet on agricultural lands increases the quality and yield of crops in fastest way, as it is easily available, organic and eco-friendly.
Regards, the following experiment gives very good results on agricultural production, weed control, water retention and soil protection with a help of non-woven coir mulch sheet than the synthetic mulches.


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