Design on the furnace for heat treatment of welding

Le Hung Duong

Design on the furnace for heat treatment of welding

Keywords : weld, maritime industry, heat treatment, furnace


In some industries, the application of welding bonding between two different metal plates is increasingly concerned. The recrystallization phenomenon is proved with the second welding at the thermal influence zone and indicates equal particle size after the second welding turn. The δ - ferrite content is found with the highest value of all cases in the first welding in the melting zone. Moreover, the recrystallization method of the melting zone changes from course to δ - ferrite needle to fine and bone-shaped structure in one to three turns. Obviously, their occurrence is the cause of the formation of internal grain formation and significantly creates limited SCC of the weld. In addition, the disruption of the structure at the phase of the phase also increases the SCC sensitivity of sample weld phase molasses. Welded heat treatment equipment in the world is usually controlled completely automatically with the existing heat treatment process (cost of process is often very expensive). Normally, the price of welding heat treatment equipment usually costs around $ 10,000 per device and is required to buy some heat treatment processes at quite expensive prices. Therefore, it is difficult for domestic enterprises to access these devices.


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