A picture of shipbuilding industry in a new century

Dinh Tuyen Nguyen

A picture of shipbuilding industry in a new century

Keywords : shipbuilding industry, opportunities, challengers


Although sea transport is a development based on natural infrastructure, it needs an important contribution from shipbuilding industry. For large, stable ships, they will set sail with long journeys and large cargo lots. The following article will introduce the shipbuilding industry in Vietnam today. According to statistical reports, Vietnam currently has about 120 shipbuilding and repairing factories with a tonnage of over 1,000 tons, with 170 lifting and lowering works. The total design capacity of the plants is about 2.6 million tons / year, but the actual capacity is only 800,000 - 1 million tons / year. Since 2002, Vietnam's shipbuilding industry has been investing heavily. However, it is only in the process of receiving transfer from major shipbuilding centers in Asia. The overall picture of the shipbuilding industry is as follows: Vinashin, established in 2006, is now the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation - SBIC, which plays a key role. Sadly, however, the collapse of Vinashin has caused the shipbuilding industry and many of its workers or other shipyards to cancel applications and fall into misery. In addition, Vietnam's shipbuilding industry has shipbuilding facilities owned by Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinaline), Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group and a number of state-owned corporations and corporations. Other. Along with that are the shipbuilding facilities managed by the Ministry of Defense, local businesses or FDI enterprises...


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