A Case Study on Solar Distilled Water

Tanmay Ghadge

A Case Study on Solar Distilled Water

Keywords : Desalination, evaporation, boilers, purification, softner, distillation


Several developing countries have always had an acute necessity clean, pure drinking water. Sources of water that seem to be brackish (contain chloride ions) and/or contain toxic microbes often aren't suitable for consumption. Additionally, there have been countless coastal areas whereby seawater is copious but fresh drinking water is not. Pure water could also be used in batteries, hospitals, and schools.
Distillation is among the many methods that could be used to treat the water. This demands an usable energy, which can then be delivered by heat or solar irradiance. Water is evaporated in this technique, extracting vapors from colloidal solids, which would then be condensed as distilled water. Desalination process of water from the tap or brackish groundwater can be a delightful, energy-efficient solution for individuals concern about just the quality of them directly by the government provided drinking water and unsatisfied with other methods of supplementary refinement provided to them. This water might well be utilized for a variety of purposes, and one of those is industrial. Distilled water is being used as a feedstock for industrial boilers.


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