May 2022

World Wide Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka: Causes and Lessons

Dr Sandeep E
Country : India
Subject :

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Isolation, Identification and Biochemical Characterization of Rhizobium spp. from Mimosa pudica

Nagalambika Prasad
Country : India
Subject : Microbiology

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The Control Effect of Government Revenue on Government Expenditure and Economic Growth of the Kenya Government

Angela Mucece Kithinji
Country : Kenya
Subject : Business and Management Sciences

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Electronic Payment Practices and Service Delivery: A Case Study of Ng’arisha Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies in Bungoma Town, Kenya

Nalyanya Jacinta
Country : Kenya
Subject : Business Administration and Management

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Heart Disease Prediction Support System using Machine Learning Approaches

Alpha Alimamy Kamara
Country : Sierra Leone
Subject :

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Mental Health Status of Children during Late Adolescence from Ernakulam District, Kerala in the Pandemic Era

Dhanya N
Country : India
Subject : Home Science

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Gender gap in allocating household resources to childhood education in Nepal

Ramesh Adhikari
Country : Nepal
Subject :

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The Commercial Bank Credit and Corporate Investment under the Background of "Double Carbon"

Qin Changjiu
Country : Malaysia
Subject : Business and Communication

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Impact of digital learning during COVID-19 epoch: a cross sectional study on eye strain among university students in humanities from South India

Presthiena Lofi E L
Country : India
Subject : Medical Research

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Elements of the Homometric Vector K-Product Part I

Francisco Zau
Country : Angola
Subject :

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Poetic Devices – A Learning Point to Enhance English Language Skills

Suneetha Yadav
Country : India
Subject : English

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Distance Education in the Philippines: A Review on Online Instruction and Evaluation

Kevin Client B. Matutes
Country : Philippines
Subject : Teacher Education

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Special Education Policies from the Perspective of Inclusive Education

Márcia de Souza Lehmkuhl
Country : Brazil
Subject : Education

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A study on Coconut Cultivation practices and satisfaction among the farmers in Theni district

Country : India
Subject : Commerce

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Counting of Whitefly numbers from yellow sticky traps and from direct count on Bhindi plants.

R.K. Jain
Country : India
Subject : Botany

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