May 2023

World Wide Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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Financial Inclusion in Eastern and Southern Africa: Status, Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities

Gladys Jadagu
Country : United States
Subject : Business

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Severe Neonatal Anemia Due to Feto-maternal Hemorrhage, The Lowest Cord Hemoglobin Values Probably Ever Reported in the Neonatal Literature. Case report

Ahmed J. Al Farsi
Country : Oman
Subject :

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Katsina State Natural Endowment as Potentials for the Initiation of Students’ Creativity and Promotion of Local Industries

MAMMAN, Halliru Bakori
Country : Nigeria
Subject : Curriculum and Instruction

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Alterity and Dialogical Education: A Path to Education in Strange Times

Antonio Jose Müller
Country : Brazil
Subject : Education

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An Experimental approach to evaluate the effectiveness of STM (Structured Teaching Module) on care taker of patient suffering from CMD regarding home care management

Dr. Neetu Bhadouria
Country : India
Subject : Nursing

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Physicochemical Composition of Cassava Mill Effluents in Five Processing Plants in Anambra State, Nigeria

Chidubem-Nwachinemere, Ncheta Obianuju
Country : Nigeria
Subject : Applied Microbiology and Brewery

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Run The Business in Islamic Guidance: A Phenomenological Study on the Koperasi Syirkah Berkah Bersama (KSBB)

Ali Farhan
Country : Indonesia
Subject :

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Allium cepa L as Olfactory Indicators for Acid-Base Olfactory Titration for Visually Impaired Chemistry Students

Andy N. Moses
Country : Nigeria
Subject : Chemistry

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Assessment of balance rehabilitation using an IoT force platform

M. Moruz
Country : Romania
Subject : Biomedical Sciences

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Assessing India’s Role and Objectives within the Quad Framework

Alok Yadav
Country : India
Subject : Defence & Strategic Studies

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Impact of Mass Tourism on The Natural Environment of Shimla - A Comprehensive Analysis

Manju Chhikara
Country : India
Subject : Zoology

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