November 2021

World Wide Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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Ikwo-Okum War: A Historical Review of Autochthonity

Amiara, Solomon Amiara
Country : Nigeria
Subject : History and International Relations

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“Perceptions Regarding Care and Satisfaction of Cancer Patients Attending a Radiation Oncology Clinic at Tertiary Care Hospital in Chandigarh, North India: A Longitudinal Survey”

Dinesh Kumar
Country : India
Subject : Community Medicine

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Offshore RMB Market and RMB Internationalization

Yanzhao Gong
Country : China
Subject : International Economics and Trade

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Lateral Calcaneal Artery Flap: A Reliable Option for Hindfoot Soft Tissue Defect Coverage

Chandni Joshi
Country : India
Subject : Plastic surgery

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Influence of employment on life satisfaction of people with intellectual disabilities in South Korea

Soo-Kyoung Oh
Country : Republic of Korea
Subject : Social Welfare

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Influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on Extreme Waves Forecasting - Study Region in the Moroccan Coast

Country : Morocco
Subject : Civil Engineering

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Research on the Institutional Advantages of Enterprise Strategic Alliance

Liang Jia-qiang
Country : China
Subject : Management

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Challenging Topics in the Senior High School Core Curriculum Subject (Earth and Life Science) as Perceived by First Year College Students

Randel D. Estacio
Country : Philippines
Subject : Earth and Life Science

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Isolation and characterization of virulent phages of Staphylococcus saprophyticus.

Maia Elizbarashvili
Country : Georgia
Subject :

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Study of outcome of infant born to diabetic mothers

Parth Mali
Country : India
Subject : Paediatrics

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COVID-19 Anxiety and Loneliness among Indian Youth: An Empirical Research

Dr. Monika Gwalani
Country : India
Subject :

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School Administrators’ Engagement in the Implementation of Research, Instruction, Curriculum and Extension Services (R.I.C.E.)

Mouller Morales Lumague
Country : Philippines
Subject : Leadership Management

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Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Isolated from Urine Samples of The Urinary Tract Infections Patients

Shikha Sharma
Country : India
Subject : Microbiology

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Transmission Study of Bhindi Yellow Vein Mosaic virus by whitefly by the application of Neem oil

Dr. R.K. Jain
Country : India
Subject : Botany

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